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What Does It Take?

You will spend every day in a place that looks and feels different from where you came from. You are located in the natural wilderness. At night there are spots to enjoy the gorgeous night sky. The area is heavily tree covered. In the mornings you may wake to deer heading back into the deep wooded areas, or box turtles, burrowing.


So what does it take after getting accepted to work at Rotary Youth Camp for children with disabilities?



  • Patience

  • Optimism

  • Creativity

  • A desire to be with people

  • Leadership Skills

  • Physical Skills

  • Sense of Adventure


You spend your days and evenings primarily with 7-23 year olds, who have disabilities including, but not limited to ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s, Developmental delays, Emotional & Social Disorders, Physical and Sensory disabilities doing all kinds of activities.


Some will become homesick, are hesitant to try anything new, and could be carefree and adventurous. We gently and lovingly push everyone’s boundaries, to explore the new, to work on mastering skills, to showcase talents, become leaders, to be involved.


You are a model for the campers, as well as a support person for them and your peers.You need to be up for the uncertainty, quick in decision making, for discovering new heights, adventurous, and able to have fun and access your inner child.


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