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Who are our counselors/staff?

Not just can anyone can work at Rotary Youth Camp. It takes a special person to be a counselor or on staff to work with your kids. All staff have to be energetic, love active outdoors life, can entertain in some capacity, able to work with children at different levels of ability and age, and able to work with their peers.  They take pride in working with children, and helping them to foster, grow, and develop personally, spiritually, and physically.


Our counselors and staff bring with them their own special talents and skills: whether it is swimming, crafting, building, and gardening, sports training, music, archery, dance or other skills and use those skills and talents to teach or campers and help them succeed.  Our staff are dedicated, creative, and has the desire to work with children.


The majority of our staff is over 18, college students or graduates, with backgrounds in teaching, recreation, psychology, special needs, or the arts. Most of the staff is recruited from within the state of Florida from colleges and universities. Some staff are certified teachers, paraprofessionals, coaches, or other professional areas.


What types of checks are done on Staff?


A criminal background and sexual offender check is done on each staff member and volunteer.


Visitors and Volunteers

Often times people sign up to volunteer for a day, or visit camp. All must sign in and are escorted throughout their visit by a staff person or board member.

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