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Information and Policies





Contacting Campers

Know your child! Contact from parents and families can ease homesickness as well as heighten homesickness.

Parents with concern about their camper can contact the Camp Director or Nurse.  850-328-0302



Campers contacting Parents

Campers will not have an opportunity to make calls home to family, relatives, or friends. Additionally campers are not allowed to have cell phones.



Contacting Parents by camp staff

There are times when camp staff may contact a parent or relative. These reasons are as listed

  • Camper requires medical care by doctor, hospital, or emergency room

  • Extreme case of homesickness

  • Extreme behavioral Issues

  • Illness lasting more than 24 hours

  • Additional questions about medications

  • When a camper becomes a danger to themselves or others



What NOT to Bring

  • Cell Phones

  • Cellular enabled tablets.

  • Gaming  Systems

  • Expensive DSLR cameras

  • Large Radios

Items brought that are not allowed will be collected and stored until day of departure. Please work with camper to disengage from tablets use and MP3’s. Any cellular enabled items will be collected.


Camp is a place to enjoy the outdoors, activities, and friends.



Behavior Management

Due to the nature of our campers and their needs, we know they sometimes react to situations adversely. Our staff has been trained to respond to children with different levels of emotional behaviors and understanding. Our focus will always be to assist the camper to work the emotions, change, directions, and discover that the reaction need not always be a negative impact for themselves or others around them.


The focus will always be to encourage and reinforce positive behavior. When necessary campers acting out will be removed, or separated for a short time until they have calmed down, and able to rejoin activities.  Having fun, being with others campers, and swimming are often the strongest motivators for corrective behavior and return to activities.




Campers who have not slept away from home, or have yet to establish independent schedule away from home may experience some homesickness.  This happens to over 50 percent of campers and sometimes to or seasoned campers.  This is to be expected.  Our first 2 days are scheduled to avoid homesickness as onset typically is within 36 hours at camp.


Our staff are trained to integrate campers to activities, others, and camp life from the moment they arrive.  Generally once the camper has met and connected to others, and participates in activities, homesickness will subside.


On the rare occasion that a camper is inconsolable, we will allow the camper to speak to parent/guardian to try to assist. The parent will be called first to prepare them for the phone call. You are encouraged to be positive and supportive of staying at camp.



Sending Campers home

The goal is for all attendees to have a positive, incredible camp experience. We hope that you bring home a well cared for, happy, more capable, and self-assured child. In order for this to occur, the camper must complete the sessions.


Campers who endanger themselves or others, break laws, run away, hurt others, and exhibit some extreme behavior not appropriate for camp will be sent home. This has occurred however, is a rare occurrence.


Campers, who medically cannot thrive, suffer a serious injury or illness at camp will be sent home.


Parents/ Guardians will be notified immediately to arrange for pickup.



Illness and Injury

Parents and Guardians will be notified in the event of an injury or illness that requires the camper to be transported away from camp property.

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