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Camp Day starts about 7:15 am with morning wake up and getting dressed.  Some may get to sleep in a little longer but not much.


Camp gathers at the flag pole or "Circle Up" for morning announcements, flag ceremony and the first round of songs, and chants to get the day going. Then the entire camp heads to the dining hall for breakfast and morning meds.


The first activity session is 9:00a.m. Depending on the age group the sessions will either be 45 min or 60. There are three morning sessions.


Lunch is at 12:30 followed by rest/cabin time. This is where those who wish to nap can,  or spend quiet time, write letters, or play with bunk mates. On those very rare occasions that a counselor falls asleep revenge by campers is apt to occur. There has been the occasional shaving cream coverage, water splash or other funny events.


After rest time campers then will attend 2-3 more sessions, 2 of which are chosen prior to camp these are  called specials and will vary from year to year.  In addition snacks are passed out typically during the 4th activity of the day.

Dinner is served at 5:45.


Evening programs will begin either about 7:30 and go no later than  9:15.

Lights out is 10:00 pm, however we often find that as soon as they return to the cabins, many fall asleep immediately to re-charge for the next fun-filled day.

A Typical Day

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