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Welcome to the highlight of summer,WELCOME to Rotary Youth Camp (RYC). It is our hope that you find exploring the website enjoyable, intriguing and informational. RYC held its first camp session in July 1995,  specifically to give kids with disabilities an opportunity to do things most people will never get a chance to do, such as horseback riding, overnight camp, activities as most able bodied children can, and to combine regular camp happenings with skills training offered in scout camps. Our founders themselves were scouts, scout leaders, and scout advisors and avid camp attendees.


We have a strong presence in the north Florida Community through its 50+ Rotary Clubs. The experience that you and your camper will attain will be steeped in some of history and traditions that we have established, along with the newest of activities that one would expect from a superior camp.


We invite girls and boys, from age 6 through 18, or children who have completed kindergarten as a starting point. Recognizing that many children with disabilities may be below grade level age wise, we make many accommodations, just inquire.


RYC is unique in delivery as we offer an educational component in our sessions. Each year we have a theme and each camper will experience our theme in four aspects. We have globe trotted to several countries, gone back as far as 700 BC, studied the earth's first creatures, and touched the surface of the moon, just to give you an example. Our staff are some of the best at creating unique activities, or gadgets that all of our kids no matter the disability can utilize. 


Our campers have the  opportunity to attend overnight camp session for a week, to make new friends, explore camping life, to disconnect from electronics, to have down to earth wholesome fun, to challenge themselves, to increase their self- confidence, to enhance themselves socially, while not being "a fish out of water", but being among peers with disabilities maybe like theirs. Many of our staff serves as role models in the fact that over 60 percent of our staff also have disabilities of some form, both visible and invisible; sensory, neuromuscular, intellectual, physical, medical, and behavioral. Our staff also are truly dedicated to working with our children. While we do pay them to work, they all know that it is far below what most camp staff would receive at a traditional camp.


We are proud to say we are a family!

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